BC Declares a Provincial State of Emergency August 15 2018

The British Columbia government this morning declared a provincial state of emergency due to the current wildfire situation. At this time there are in the area of 600 wildfires burning in the Province. To learn more go to


B.C. declares provincial state of emergency due to wildfires


JAPAN’S Floods July 2018

Some numbers from Japan and their recent flooding as a result of a typhoon. Numbers vary according to sources but here are some that are reported. These numbers are hard to imagine.

– 1.8 million ordered or urged to evacuate, more than 6% of the entire population

– 73,000 rescue personnel

– 126 killed,

– 11,200 households have no electricity, hundreds of thousands have no water

–  267,000 homes with water damage

Death toll from west Japan downpours and flooding reaches 126